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Friday, 19 April 2019 13:33

Happy Holidays



Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:28

Vector Ultra Black

The Vector Ultra Black is the 'little brother' to the world renowned and reliable Vector Family. Portable, powerful and affordable, the Vector
Ultra Black is small enough to fit in carry-on luggage and has all the controls and outputs required to handle complex productions. With 10
pages of fader playbacks, Q-key playbacks and theatre style master playback with large GO button, the Vector Black maintains all of the
convenience of our larger consoles. 

For more details, download the Vector Black Datasheet

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:09

Vector Black

The Vector Black is the 'little brother' to the world renowned and reliable Vector Family. Portable, powerful and affordable, the Vector Black
is small enough to fit in carry-on luggage and has all the controls and outputs required to handle complex productions. With 10 pages of
fader playbacks, Q-key playbacks and theatre style master playback with large GO button, the Vector Black maintains all of the convenience
of our larger consoles. 

Fore more details, download the Vector Black Datasheet

Sunday, 20 January 2019 13:32

C-NET Manager Version 1.8.0

Compulite is happy to announce the release of the new C-NET Manager Version 1.8.0



This version supports the new E-Sync type







The Compulite Team



A new show, "Het Verhaal van het Verhaal" ("The Story of The Story") directed by Jetse Batelaan for Theater Artemis and Het Zuidelijk Toneel,

has the Netherlands buzzing and even more so, a critical part of the production team who have called themselves, "The Vibe Tribe."


In this comical and philosophical theatrical production, stage manager, Stan Bannierworking together with lighting designer, Theun Mosk 

and lighting engineer, Emile van Gils, used Compulite's Vibe, our newest line of lighting consoles, and were not disappointed.


“When we started looking for a new lighting console (or platform) a couple of years ago we saw the first Vibe,

the one with only a touchscreen. We tried it live on a show in the Netherlands and thought the innovative

form of no syntax and the drag and drop items were awesome. After that, we didn't hear enough about it, 

so maybe it was too early to try to be that innovative.


Two years ago we started searching again for a new lighting console. We tried all consoles and after some

research we went for a visit at Compulite's headquarter. The visit made us realize there was something new

in the making. The three days of working on the console gave us confidence, even when the software was

in it's early stages. When we came back home we decided to keep our Compulite Vector consoles and run

with both the Vectors and the Vibe as new, future-stable platforms.


The first Vibe arrived after the show in Frankfurth and we started playing around with it because that is what

it is, it's truly playful! It is fun to see how things are put together and how the console tries to help you out if

you don't know what to do! We decided to put it to the test on some live shows. First a couple of small ones 

in a festival in Belgium and now we are  touring with the full size Vibe on the show “Het Verhaal van het

Verhaal” and it's working out! Reactions through-out the country are enthusiastic and the help and support

from Compulite is fast and great!"


-       Stan Bannier (Stage Manager)



For the show, the lighting team used The Vibe console to control 30 conventional lights, 8 GLP Impression 4L, 2 Robe DL7S, 8 Chauvet PARhex 12,

and 6 ETC luster. In addition, Compulite's Eport-41was used for the outputs and Compulite's Vector PC was also used to control the scenery.


The lighting team was extremely happy with their experience in using our newest line of lighting consoles.


"After working with Compulite's Vector for several years, we started searching for a next-gen console. We

contacted Compulite after we saw they were working on a new console and we were invited to visit the

Compulite headquarter! This was my first hands-on on the Vibe, and from the start I really liked the way

of working and thinking with the console. I think it is a very accessible console for every type of operator.

The first show we did was at a Belgian theater festival, from the beginning it was working so quick! Last

September, I programmed the first big show using the Vibe console, and from the start everything was

working as it should. My experience is that the Vibe is a very quick and smart console, I think everybody

can startup a Vibe and patch and program a show, it's very inventive! Also the support from Compulite is

great! Many new versions and inventive new functions, it’s only getting better!"


-       Emile van Gils (Light Engineer)



"After working with engineers with different lighting consoles, Stan and Emile told me we're gonna work

with a new desk, The Compulite Vibe. I said it was a good idea, there has to be time to learn new material.

When we started I found out Emile was working really fast on this new console. I didn't have to wait when

he was programming, what I wanted him to produce was directly put on the console in a cue-list. The only

minor issue, was that it has a big screen with a lot of light, and as a designer you don't want to see the 

back-light, so we asked Compulite if we could dim the screen and that was no problem"


-       Theun Mosk (Light Designer)



Wednesday, 05 September 2018 11:18

Vector Device Package Update 09.2018


We are happy to announce a new Device Package update for our Vector Series.

This package contains 141 new devices and 12 updates.

Please follow the instructions on the installer and choose the best option to suit your needs.

For any questions, please contact: support@compulite.com



The Indiegeno Fest is an exciting annual music festival with nationally known artists who perform independent music, organized by Leave Music. 

After the success of the last four festivals Leave Music decided to hold the 2018 Indiegeno Fest between August 3rd and August 9th at the Tyrrhenian coast of Northern Sicily,

between the beaches of Patti and the Greek Theater in Tindari.



Messina Audio Service provided the audio-visual system for this special festival, with Giovanni Privitera Jr. working as the Lighting Operator. 

The lighting set for Indiegeno Fest 2018 was controlled by Compulite's Vector Ultra Violet and included: 8 Ruby ProLights, 6 Diamond19 ProLights, 8 BeamZ MHLs,

19x15 Led Wash, 16 Electron Par Leds and 2 Robe Haze 500s.

Messina Audio Service regularly uses Compulite Vector Ultra Violet and Vector Wing with two Spark4Ds, purchased from Spotlight; Compulite's official distributor in Italy.

These dependable consoles are used to illuminate many other performances including Billy Cobham, Mike Stern, Bombino, Roccella Jazz, Taormina Arte,

the meeting with The Dalai Lama in Taormina and more.


"Donnschtig Jass" is a 7 week travelling entertainment program in Switzerland, organized by Swiss broadcasting company SRF and Technology and Production Center TPC

The program is based on Jass; a two-handed card game played with a pack of 32 cards in which points are scored by melding certain combinations.

The program's goal is to travel across Switzerland, giving preference to smaller communities that have beautiful village squares. During the Jass games

two communities compete against each other and the winning community serves as the venue of the next program.


Each of these exciting Jass competitions is linked to some local festivities with music performances by well know artists.

The music performed is usually colorful and vibrant, bringing in audiences from all across the region. This unique 7 week program called for a unique lighting console.


After careful consideration, experienced Lighting Designer and Operator Matthias Kern, of TPC switzerland AG, chose the state of the art Vibe console to control 170 fixtures

used in the program using Compulite's VC Protocol and Artnet Protocol. A Hippotizer V4 Media Server was also used in the show as well as Compulite's ePort-8.   

TPC switzerland AG is responsible for production and technology for television, radio and multimeda for SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen).


Matthias Kern: "Vibe is very intuitive, easy and quick to use. Many of the parameters can be processed with just a few clicks; it simplifies much of what is usually rather difficult to do." 



The Vibe family is an advanced line of intuitive and flexible lighting control consoles. 

These consoles utilize multi-touch screen technology and provide lighting operators with a virtually unlimited number of touch controller buttons and faders. 

Using a keypad and motorized faders for fast fixture selection and control, they enable quick access and are very powerful.


The Vector iControl App is now available for Android!

Vector iControl V2.2.0 is compatible with both iOS 11 and with Android 4.1 and up. The iOS version has been updated and includes a few bug fixes. 


Compulite’s Vector iControl App is a powerful application to remotely control and edit basic functions for all Vector lighting consoles.



The App provides real-time information about the Console through a friendly user interface.

By using the Vector iControl App, users are able to control moving lights, conventional lights, create and store cues and libraries, add groups, control highlights, lowlights and more.


The Application also allows you to control Dimmer levels through an interactive Dimmer wheel, control Pan and Tilt through an interactive trackball, and control all parameters using an interactive wheel,

all from a remote location anywhere within your local area network.


Click here to download the App in the Appstore

Click here to download the App in Google Play 


Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition that features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty,

trying to make it to the national finals in hopes of becoming a "Ninja Warrior". The format originated in Japan and has since been sweeping audiences off their feet in hundreds of countries.

After gaining immense popularity worldwide the exciting television format has finally landed in Israel, with the Israeli version hosted by Asi Azar and Rotem Sela.


The exhausting obstacle course was built at the Haifa Port in two weeks with a team of over 80 professionals using 4.5 tons of trusses.

The rigging and obstacle course were built by the production riggers who arrived from the US and accompany the production worldwide.

Gil Teichman - Lighting Design Systems Company was in charge of lighting and sound. Mt. Midoriyama and the host's rig were created by Itzuv Bama. 


Lighting Designers Ofer Jacobi and Avi-Yona Bueno (Bambi), well known worldwide, were the creative spirit for the unique and impressive lighting design. 

Jacobi said "designing lights for obstacle courses at the Haifa Port was challenging because of the enormous location, the real challenge was finding a way to combine the lighting 

for the environment with the lighting for the obstacle course and the television lighting. The solution was using many moving lights and fixtures and making them work together."

After many months of work, including 3D simulation programing using wysiwyg and the complicated installation of the large lighting set, Ninja Israel finally premiered on Israeli Television Channel 12 (Keshet). 




The challenging set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Blue and Vector Ultra Violet consoles and controlled via Ethernet Network.

The list of equipment included:

2 x Compulite e-Port 41 converters

2x Luminex 8 Port

23x Robe Robin BMFL Blade

17x Robe Robin BMFL WashBeam

50x Robe Robin MegaPointe

28x Robe Robin Spiider

12x Robe Robin 1200 Led Wash

8x Robe Robin MMX

16x Robe Robin Pointe

116x Eco Stage Beam 200 5R

60x Eco Stage V-715 Moving Beam Led 100 RGBW

12x Led Zoom 300

24x Eco Stage Stormi 3000 CCLED

24x Eco Stage RGBW BarLed

24x Eco Stage Top Bar 18 RGBW

21x Eco Stage Sunstrip Active (10x75w Halogen)

400x ParLed and RGBW for all The Trusses.


Conventional types included:

60x Led Profile Spot 120

36x Soft Led Panel

250x Par 64 MFL


This came to a total of around 820 Fixtures controlled by Vector Blue and 350 Conventional Fixtures controlled by Vector Ultra Violet using 21 DMX Universes.

Ronen Ben-Harosh was chosen for this production, freelance lighting programmer / operator  and 3D wysiwyg programmer, who works also for Danor Theatre & Studio Systems, Compulite's official distributor in Israel. Ben-Harosh is known as one of the best Vector Programmers in the world. He utilizes his knowledge and expertise in many Theater & Opera shows, Dance Shows, Television programs and other productions. Moreover, Ronen supports Danor Compulite customers 24/7 and teaches courses about all Compulite line consoles including the Vector family.

Ben-Harosh stated: "When Ofer Jacobi told me that we will be doing this project together, we knew that a 3D simulation will help us choose the lighting set and show Keshet TV's Managers how it would eventually look in real life." As for the lighting consoles, Ben Harosh said: "Obviously I chose Compulite's Vector consoles to run the whole rig. I have full confidence in these consoles as I have worked with them for years and I was certain they would get the work done easily, and so they did. I worked on large scale systems before, with a lot of fixtures and DMX universes, but this set was much more complicated due to its size (150m x 60m) and the mix of fixture types. Thankfully everything ran smoothly with the Vector Consoles. I used Vector Blue for the moving lights and Vector Ultra Violet for the TV fixtures, the separation was made to avoid interference between the two consoles. Operator Rony Shamay was in charge of the TV lights."

The premiere was a big success, with a large studio audience and great ratings. Viewers nationwide are already awaiting the next episode.  


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