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Thursday, 11 January 2018 07:54

Vector Red controls lighting for the extravagant Tú sí que vales "flying" act!


Tú sí que vales is an Italian competitive talent show broadcast in prime time on Channel 5, run by the largest commercial broadcaster in the country; Mediaset Group.

The contestants who participate in the competition must have a skill such as singing, dancing, acrobatics or anything else. Each contestant is then judged by three experts:

Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi, and the winner of the program wins 100,000 euros!

One segment in the show featured Aerogravity, the biggest free-fall simulator in the world, allowing those who enter the vertical tunnel to "fly".

This segment was filmed in a structure with a transparent cylinder in which a strong vortex of air was created, requiring a lighting console which could successfully control an external video shooting lighting set.

After careful consideration Compulite's Vector Red was finally chosen; the firstborn console in the Vector family, programmed to deal with the most challenging lighting tasks!


"Working with Vector Red is always nice", says Lighting Operator Alessandro Soster, "Generally, I choose the console based on the work I'm going to do, the type of event and availability of the rental company.

For this event, I had the chance to receive an upgrade with Vector Red!"


Vector Red was used to control: Clay Paky Scenius Profiles, DTS Evos, DTS Nick 1401s, DTS Fos 100 Dynamics, ETC 50° Source Four LEDs and 6 ARRI L7Cs.


Lighting Operator: Alessandro Soster

Director of Photography: Gianluca Bronzini

Rental Company: AMG