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Cast wysiwyg

The WYSIWYG suite of software products, designed specifically for lighting professionals, offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of designers, assistants, electricians, console operators, teachers, and students.
WYSIWYG is the essential tool if you are looking to

  •  Increase creative freedom
  •  Save time
  •  Win more contracts
  •  Cut costs

In less than one day of training, you can begin working with WYSIWYG and see your lighting design without actually installing any lights.
You can even see what a new 
lighting fixture can do before you rent, buy, or install it. Once your design is complete, WYSIWYG handles the logistics; it automatically generates plots, schedules, pipe-tapes, color and gobo lists

Using Cast Wysiwyg & one of the following Compulite consoles (Vector, Dlite, Rave, Sabre, and 4D consoles) you can pre-program a show, connected via Ethernet to a computer running Cast Software’s wysiwyg. 

Link the Compulite console with wysiwyg for visualizing cues.
Wysiwyg CE is packaged with the Vector Red consoles.