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Tuesday, 21 April 2020 10:46

Compulite Vectors for Vappu & Marja Live

"Once again, Vectors are with me! And I enjoy them! "


The good mood program Vappu and Marja Live on Finland's MTV3 channel is here!

In the entertaining and topical talk show, the guests of Finland's brightest female stars Vappu Pimiä and Marja Hintika will see the most talked about people of the week and the country's biggest stars.


Lighting Operator Tero Jokiniemi has been using Compulite products to control the television show's lighting system. He uses Vector Red as main and Vector Ultra Violet as a backup to control the moving lights and the set led strip lights.

The fixtures were controlled via ArtNet with e-Port 41 unit.

The rest of the lights were managed by another console.


The Controlled material included:

12 x Clay Paky axcon 300 spot.

20 x Arri L7c

3 x Arri skypanel 60

21 x Chauvet Pro EPIX Strip Tour

Set lights RGB LED strip

This came to a total of around 60 Fixtures controlled by Compulite Vectors

Lighting Designer: Mikko Enäkoski    |   Lighting Operator: Tero Jokiniemi


The Vappu and Marja Live show is on MTV3 on Thursdays at 9 p.m. (Finland)


Sunday, 12 April 2020 09:12

Coronavirus update



Compulite Systems (2000) LTD recently added a new member to their Vector Black family - the Vector Black PC Wing.

Compulite Systems (2000) LTD are proud to announce another significant release for the new Vector Black PC Wing to their flagship Vector family. The powerful portable unit brings flexibility by combining sophisticated features of the Vector platform with unmatched simplicity and size. Weighing in at 4.5kg, the Vector Black PC Wing, when used with the Vector software, will deliver cutting edge performance, advanced functionality and enhanced programming, making it the perfect portable unit for corporate events, cruise ships, trade shows, clubs, theatre and more.
The Vector Black PC Wing features up to 200 active playbacks, a dedicated intensity push wheel, 5 dedicated parameter push wheels, illuminated trackball, Grand Master with illuminated blackout key, 10 Playback faders (10 pages),10 playback Q-keys (10 pages), dedicated A/B playback faders, full tracking backup, SMPTE Timecode port, MIDI and MSC support, 2 or 4 DMX-512 inputs/outputs configurable by using C-Net Manager software and 1 Ethernet port for VC’s, sACN and ArtNet.

“In our innovative world, the Vector Black PC Wing is the ultimate portable lighting console which can be carried with you whenever you need to design or access to a lighting console”, declared Compulite Systems CEO, Yehuda Shukrun.

“The new Vector Black PC Wing is our appreciation to our loyal users and customers who keep challenging us with their daily work requirements”, said Shukrun.


Click here for information on the Vector Black PC Wing.

Monday, 30 March 2020 07:43

Vector Black PC Wing

Vector Black PC Wing, joined the Vector family, bringing unique portable lighting control in simplicity and size.
Along with the Vector PC software, PC Wing delivers cutting-edge performance, advanced functionality and enhanced programming facilities in a rich and compact design.

Equipped by standard Ethernet-networking, Vector PC Wing can run as a standalone, as a parallel panel to Vector lighting console and as a tracking backup console. 


Download the Vector Black PC Wing Getting Started Guide here. 

Download the Vector Black PC Wing Brochure here.


  • 4 / 2 or none integrated DMX-512 output ports
  • Dedicated Pan / Tilt Illuminated 38mm Trackball
  • 5 parameters wheel encoders with toggle switch
  • Dedicated dimmer wheel with toggle switch
  • Dedicated A/B playback faders
  • 10 Playback faders (10 pages)
  • 10 playback Q-keys (10 pages)
  • customizable Playback keys
  • Grand Master with illuminated blackout key
  • MIDI and MSC support
  • SMPTE Timecode port
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Up to 200 active playbacks
Wednesday, 26 February 2020 11:32

Compulite on Nike Spot TV


 (© Photo Credit: "Nike" )


Inspired by the world's best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike's fastest boots ever has arrived and Compulite Vector Ultra Violet has supported this great event!

The project focused on controlling the lighting for the filming of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 and Nike CR7 advertising campaign.  The filming took place at Venaria, Turin, Italy

The set was completely neutral and it was very essential that there was the correspondence of the desired colors

In addition to the placement, the lighting operators have created very fast dimming effects.

All signals were managed wirelessly, with proprietary devices of "Arri" for Sky Panel and "Astera" for Titan tubes.

Lighting operator Alessandro Soster: "Everything was done with a lot of professionalism by everyone. We had the color code specifications required by the production and the company.

With the Roscolux and Lee Design color library inside Vector, it was quick to do what they wanted. 

It was more difficult to explain to my 8 year old son Michael which is a big fan of the A.S. Roma, that dad worked with the best Juventus football player! "


Compulite material used for the lights:

1 Vector Ultra Violet


The Controlled material included:

20 Astera Titan Tube 

9 Arri SKY panel S 60C

12 Clay Paky Scenius Profile




Putous is a Finnish sketch comedy television show known as Comedy combat in Finnish style. The show is currently in its 11th season and is considered the most popular live show in Finland.

The Putous cast consists of well known Finnish comedians including: Roope Salminen, Christoffer Strandberg, Pilvi Hämäläinen, Antti Tuomas Heikkinen, Linnea Leino, Malla Malmivaara, Heikki Ranta and Mikko Töyssy.

(© Photo Credit: "MTV3")

The show was filmed at the Angel Films Arabia, Finland.

The lighting show was designed and provided by Jussi Kallioinen, while Tero Jokiniemi and Aki Dubatceff operate the lighting system.

 To control the lighting equipment for this great show the lighting operator used a set of 2 Vector Red ,1 Vector Ultra Violet and 1 Vector Playback Wing (1 red was master & ultra violet was Slave) and the other Vector Red as a spare.

His own relationship with Compulite systems also goes back several years - “I like to work with Compulite because I used their products for almost 25 years. It is trusted.”  he said.

The Controlled material included a total of amount of 22 moving lights.


The Controlled material:

15 x Martin MAC Viper Performance for face lights (main lights for actors)  

7 x Martin MAC Aura backlights (wash light.).

The rest moving heads were managed by a different console.                                                                                  


Tuesday, 11 February 2020 07:26

Compulite products controlling at the IAG 2020

On the 1st of February 2020, at the end of the opening day of the judicial year, the Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano (the Lawyers’ Order of Milan, Italy) celebrated the IAG 2020, Cena di gala(The gala evening for the inauguration of the judicial year). The event celebrated at the Palaghiaccio di Milano (the ice palace in Milan, Italy).


(© Photo Credit: "Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano")

 The ceremony involved many guests and nice entertainment moments presented from the Stage. During the ceremony, there was a presentation for the best achievements of the year, music performances by an electro violinist and shows of live painting.


The lighting equipment professionally set up by the rental company “PlayGroup” of Milan and the lighting show was designed by Luca Fabiani.

Lighting operator and designer Lorenzo Pagella did the programming and 3D visualization.


To control the lighting equipment for this great event the lighting team used Compulite's Vector Orange, Compulite Vector PC (acting as Master/Slave) and ePort-8 node.

Lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "We choose Compulite Vector because we needed a compact and powerful lighting system, and the features of a tracking backup solution, that we got with Vector PC software and an ePort-8 node, configured to use Artnet protocol. The Vector PC free software was also really useful to preprogram the event, as we virtually created the location with 3D visualizers."


The Controlled material included a total of amount of 122 fixtures (94 moving lights).

The Controlled material:

Robe’s Pointe


LedWash 300,

ColorWash 250 and 575

SGM Q-7 diffusers

ETC halogen profiles

And over a hundred of narrow Pinspots focused on the tables.

All spread into an amount of 5 DMX universes.

The lighting fixtures where surrounding the whole area, hanged on stage trusses


Video from the event


                                                                                                                              (video by Milan Bar Association)


On the 20th of December, just before Christmas holidays Sacchi Elettroforniture- one of the main Italian companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, automation, lighting and safety were celebrating

the “Cena degli Auguri 2019” which is the Christmas greeting dinner in Italia.




The event took place in the big venue of Malpensa Fiere Pad, and has a large dinner involving more than a thousand of guests. (1200 but who's counting?)


During the ceremony, there have been some entertainment moments on the central stage,

like the CEO greetings, a cabaret show, a live band performance, some prizes giving, and even a lottery.


The lighting equipment professionally set up by the rental company “PlayGroup” of Milan and the lighting show was designed by Luca Fabiani.

Lighting operator and designer Lorenzo Pagella did the programming.


To control the lighting equipment for this special event the lighting team used Compulite's Vector Orange.




Lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "We decided to work with Compulite because it's a very trustable system with high flexibility of programming solutions. The vector pc free software makes it easy to pre-program the event before the setup, with the help of 3D visualizers. Through vector pc software and an ePort node you can easily add a safe backup system to your lighting desk without the need for a second desk."


The Controlled material included a total of amount of 128 fixtures (64 moving lights)

The Controlled material:

  • Robe’s Pointe
  • LedWash 600
  • Spiider
  • ClayPaky’s Alpha Beam70
  • DTS FOS100 bars
  • ETC halogen profiles

And over a hundred of narrow Pinspots focused on the tables.


The light plan, organized on Vector with fixture and group icons: 




La sai l'ultima is an Italian television program dedicated to jokers from all over Italy and broadcast for several prime time editions on Canale 5 the main television channel in Italy broadcast  by Mediaset group (the largest commercial broadcaster in the country.)

The program is based on a competition between jokes that during each episode, the competitors challenge each other by offering jokes. In each episode, three teams led by three Italian comedians, compete with jokes to elect the best joker in Italy.

The audience in the room elects the winner through the applause mechanism (specially measured through the "Applausometer" mechanism).

The set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Red and Vector Ultra Violet consoles and controlled via e-Port 41 for the Ethernet Network.

The light control split in two: white lights and effect lights.
The effect lights were managed by a different console with another operator, while the rest of the lights were managed by one Vector Red.
As a backup, they used one Vector Ultra Violet that also served for the management of the headlights of the second TV set.
Fixtures were controlled via ArtNet with 2 e-Port 41 units.


The Controlled material included a total of 40 moving lights and 40 led profiles.

1st TV set:

High End - SolaFrame 2000

Clay Paky - Scenius Profile


ETC - Source4 LED

2nd TV set:

16 x DL4S 

2 x led profiles and 

8 x D

TS Flash 4000


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster : "The Compulite system was chosen and made available by the AMG Service, which is among the BIG Italian rental companies. I have been working with Compulite for many years and Vector is widely used in television studios."


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster did the programming, and then Fabio D'Angelo continued.
Marco Sirignano was the excellent DOP and responsible for the lighting project.

The show filmed at the Le Robinie studio’s in Cologno Monzese (Milan)



Tuesday, 10 December 2019 10:30

Vector Device Package Update 12.2019


We are happy to announce a new Device Package update for our Vector Series.

This package contains 212 new devices and 51 updates.

Please follow the instructions on the installer and choose the best option to suit your needs.

For any questions, please contact: support@compulite.com