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The Vector iControl App is now available for Android!

Vector iControl V2.2.0 is compatible with both iOS 11 and with Android 4.1 and up. The iOS version has been updated and includes a few bug fixes. 


Compulite’s Vector iControl App is a powerful application to remotely control and edit basic functions for all Vector lighting consoles.



The App provides real-time information about the Console through a friendly user interface.

By using the Vector iControl App, users are able to control moving lights, conventional lights, create and store cues and libraries, add groups, control highlights, lowlights and more.


The Application also allows you to control Dimmer levels through an interactive Dimmer wheel, control Pan and Tilt through an interactive trackball, and control all parameters using an interactive wheel,

all from a remote location anywhere within your local area network.


Click here to download the App in the Appstore

Click here to download the App in Google Play 


Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition that features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty,

trying to make it to the national finals in hopes of becoming a "Ninja Warrior". The format originated in Japan and has since been sweeping audiences off their feet in hundreds of countries.

After gaining immense popularity worldwide the exciting television format has finally landed in Israel, with the Israeli version hosted by Asi Azar and Rotem Sela.


The exhausting obstacle course was built at the Haifa Port in two weeks with a team of over 80 professionals using 4.5 tons of trusses.

The rigging and obstacle course were built by the production riggers who arrived from the US and accompany the production worldwide.

Gil Teichman - Lighting Design Systems Company was in charge of lighting and sound. Mt. Midoriyama and the host's rig were created by Itzuv Bama. 


Lighting Designers Ofer Jacobi and Avi-Yona Bueno (Bambi), well known worldwide, were the creative spirit for the unique and impressive lighting design. 

Jacobi said "designing lights for obstacle courses at the Haifa Port was challenging because of the enormous location, the real challenge was finding a way to combine the lighting 

for the environment with the lighting for the obstacle course and the television lighting. The solution was using many moving lights and fixtures and making them work together."

After many months of work, including 3D simulation programing using wysiwyg and the complicated installation of the large lighting set, Ninja Israel finally premiered on Israeli Television Channel 12 (Keshet). 




The challenging set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Blue and Vector Ultra Violet consoles and controlled via Ethernet Network.

The list of equipment included:

2 x Compulite e-Port 41 converters

2x Luminex 8 Port

23x Robe Robin BMFL Blade

17x Robe Robin BMFL WashBeam

50x Robe Robin MegaPointe

28x Robe Robin Spiider

12x Robe Robin 1200 Led Wash

8x Robe Robin MMX

16x Robe Robin Pointe

116x Eco Stage Beam 200 5R

60x Eco Stage V-715 Moving Beam Led 100 RGBW

12x Led Zoom 300

24x Eco Stage Stormi 3000 CCLED

24x Eco Stage RGBW BarLed

24x Eco Stage Top Bar 18 RGBW

21x Eco Stage Sunstrip Active (10x75w Halogen)

400x ParLed and RGBW for all The Trusses.


Conventional types included:

60x Led Profile Spot 120

36x Soft Led Panel

250x Par 64 MFL


This came to a total of around 820 Fixtures controlled by Vector Blue and 350 Conventional Fixtures controlled by Vector Ultra Violet using 21 DMX Universes.

Ronen Ben-Harosh was chosen for this production, freelance lighting programmer / operator  and 3D wysiwyg programmer, who works also for Danor Theatre & Studio Systems, Compulite's official distributor in Israel. Ben-Harosh is known as one of the best Vector Programmers in the world. He utilizes his knowledge and expertise in many Theater & Opera shows, Dance Shows, Television programs and other productions. Moreover, Ronen supports Danor Compulite customers 24/7 and teaches courses about all Compulite line consoles including the Vector family.

Ben-Harosh stated: "When Ofer Jacobi told me that we will be doing this project together, we knew that a 3D simulation will help us choose the lighting set and show Keshet TV's Managers how it would eventually look in real life." As for the lighting consoles, Ben Harosh said: "Obviously I chose Compulite's Vector consoles to run the whole rig. I have full confidence in these consoles as I have worked with them for years and I was certain they would get the work done easily, and so they did. I worked on large scale systems before, with a lot of fixtures and DMX universes, but this set was much more complicated due to its size (150m x 60m) and the mix of fixture types. Thankfully everything ran smoothly with the Vector Consoles. I used Vector Blue for the moving lights and Vector Ultra Violet for the TV fixtures, the separation was made to avoid interference between the two consoles. Operator Rony Shamay was in charge of the TV lights."

The premiere was a big success, with a large studio audience and great ratings. Viewers nationwide are already awaiting the next episode.  



Gymnastics is a beautiful sport that requires strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. The exciting sport has captivated the hearts of audiences worldwide ever since it was developed in ancient Greece.

Gymnasts train for many years to become as precise and professional as possible, so they may participate and attempt to win major competitions.

The Palavela di Torino is a historic site in Turin, Italy, renovated for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games with over 8,000 seats. It is home to the most important international events related to sports, including the 2018 Series A final of artistic gymnastics.

Esteemed Lighting Designer and Operator Alessandro Soster operated the lighting park at Palavela, used for the award for best athlete and for the performance of the of the "Sonics"; an award winning group of aerial acrobats from Piedmont. 




For this special event, in order to emphasize the exciting aerial acts, Soster used two of Compulite's Vector Blue consoles, one as the main console and one as the backup console. 

Vector Blue was used to control 20 Coemar iWash Flex as well as 36 Coemar iSpot Flex, DWE and Par 64.


“Vector helps me get what I want quickly!", says Soster "It is versatile and fits any type of event"


Special thanks to Photographer Tonello Abozzi and Sonic's Graphic Designer Francesca Torta.


The Chinese market has been enjoying Compulite products for years, utilizing them for projects that require the most advanced lighting consoles available on the market such as the new Tangshan Grand Theater.

Located in the Nanhu Cultural plaza at the Hebei Province in China, The Tangshan Grand Theater was built thanks to an investment of about 1.2 billion RMB (over 180 million USD).

It covers an area of 68,000 square meters and is the heart of the Tangshan World Park Expo, which includes theaters, concert halls, rehearsal halls and much more.

The Tangshan Grand Theater is the top ranking theater in China, known for its excellent performances and talented art groups, some flying in from all around the world.



The lighting crew for The Tangshan Grand Theater, knowing how important it is to use sophisticated lighting consoles, finally selected one Vector Red as well as 5 Vector violet consoles to control

the lighting set in the spectacular theater, guaranteeing extremely stable and successful shows for years to come.




The Hangzhou International Expo Center is located in Hangzhou, China and managed by the North Star Events Group, the largest convention and exhibition management group in China.

Ever since its establishment, the Hangzhou International Expo Center has repeatedly exceeded expectations in the creative and professional operation of exhibition venues.

Covering an area of 850,000 square meters, the center is able to accommodate 4,500 international standard exhibition booths and cater all kinds of special exhibitions, offering hotel rooms to guests as well.

The center offers 61 conference rooms for large, medium and small-sized conferences. Among these conference rooms is the Column-free Multi-function Hall; the largest conference room in China today, covering an area of 10,000 square meters!



To create the most outstanding setting for the sophisticated business events and ensure perfect lighting, Hangzhou International Expo Center's lighting team decided to use Compulite's Vector family, including one Vector Blue console as well as three Vector Violet consoles. 

The Vector family is based on the most advanced computer networking, software & hardware technologies and delivers unmatched performances, high level functionality, reliability and sophistication.


The Shijiazhuang Grand Theater, built by Shijiazhuang's Municipal Government, is the newest cultural landmark of the Hebei Province in China. After 4 years of construction, the theater has finally been completed and is currently open to the public.

The new theater holds performances every week, drawing in crowds from all over.

The Shijiazhuang Grand Theater is the largest, most advanced and high quality theater Hebei has ever seen, thanks to the fact that it received the biggest investment ever invested by the Hebei government.



As the most innovative and sophisticated performing arts establishment in Hebei, the Shijiazhuang Grand Theater naturally owns the best lighting equipment available and the most dependable lighting consoles to control it. 

During the selection of consoles the lighting team chose Compulite's renowned Vector Family of course, including one Vector Red console and one Vector Blue console. 

Vector Red was the firstborn console in the Vector family, it provides the ultimate power to deal with any lighting program challenge, easy and fast. Vector Blue, inheriting its look and hardware from Vector Red, does not fall short as far as power and capabilities.


KOBA 2018 is an annual tradeshow co-organized by Korea E & EX and The Korea Broadcasting Engineer & Technician Association.

With 2018 being KOBA's 28th year, organizers are more eager than ever to introduce the future of image, sound and lighting technologies,

continuously enhancing the Korean broadcasting culture.



Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd, Compulite's official distributor in Korea, is exhibiting at KOBA 2018 which will take place May 15-18 at the Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX) in Seoul, Korea.

As the KOBA show always focuses on innovation and the newest technologies, Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd has chosen to display an array of the most advanced products in the world of lighting;

naturally including Compulite's revolutionary Vibe console, the state of the art CompuDim 2 dimmer cabinet with a Dimmer Monitor attached and the popular, dependable Vector Blue.   


Visit us:

KOBA 2018, May 15-18

Hall A (A845 & A921)

COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center)

513 Yeongdong-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea


Sunday, 13 May 2018 13:11

Vibe M

Vibe M is the ultimate compact console. It is just as powerful as the original Vibe, but is about 15 cm narrower, 7 cm shorter and 7 kg lighter, therefore it is easier to carry and maneuver.
Vibe M combines innovation with convenience, it utilizes the latest Operating System software & computer hardware with Multi-touch screen technologies to provide a totally flexible and dynamic customizable control surface.


  • Built-in 15.6” plus 11.6” Full HD multi-touch screens
  • Length: 882mm (34.7in)
  • Width: 436mm (17.1in)
  • Height (closed): 155mm (6.1in)
  • Height (opened): 396mm (15.5in)
  • Weight: 22.8kg (50.2lb)
  • 10 individually paging motorized faders
  • 30 individually paging multi-use controller buttons


Download the Vibe Brochure

Sunday, 06 May 2018 08:47

Compulite products at GET show 2018


The Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show, aka GET Show, is a professional annual exhibition related to the entertainment technology industry.

The exhibition presents light and sound products, covering different brands from different countries and different fields, including studio, architecture and theater.


Guangzhou Coemar Equipment Co. Ltd, Compulite's official distributor in China, is exhibiting at GET show 2018 which will take place May 8-11 at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou, China.


During this important 4 day event, Guangzhou Coemar Equipment Co. Ltd will present some of Compulite's best products, such as the cutting edge Vibe family with its newest member

and the reliable Vector family including Vector Red, Vector Blue and Vector Ultra Violet.



Don't miss it!

GET show 2018

May 8-11

Poly World Trade Expo Center

Booth No.5E-02A

Thursday, 26 April 2018 09:10

Vector PC Wing Update V0.37 and V0.61

New Vector PC Wing Firmware Updates V037 and V061 are available for download.

These versions include a change in the way PC Wing is connected to a console.
From now on it is possible to determine, through the PC Wing, which console it will connect to.

See the release notes for details and downloading the files.