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 The E-Mix node is a dedicated Ethernet <-> DMX / DMX <-> Ethernet router. It pulls DMX packets off of the Ethernet, merges, and transmits them as standard DMX strings.
E-Mix also accepts standard DMX transmissions and rebroadcasts themon the Ethernet.
The E-Mix node supports 1 Ethernet connection, 2 DMX outputs and 1 DMX inputs.
The E-Mix node also supports CMX (Compulite proprietary DMX) and can be soft configured for 1 CMX lines. When configured for CMX you receive feedback from Compulite dimmer racks.
E-Mix features a full Hardware tracking redundancy mode, where 2 E-Mix nodes can be connected to form a single redundant-pair.
Software updates are loaded via a serial link or the Ethernet and burnt to an onboard Flash.
E-Mix nodes are typically situated in dimmer rooms and on hanging positions.
They are hooked up using a single Ethernet feed, allowing you to use only short
DMX lines from the E-Mix node to the end-equipment.
Two E-Mix nodes may be hooked up back-to-back to extend DMX data over a large distance between non-Ethernet devices.


The E-Mix node functions are:

• Transmitting DMX strings extracted from Ethernet transmissions
• Receiving DMX strings and transmitting them via Ethernet
• Supporting patches at the connector level
• Supporting remote programming and remote configuration
• Support for Merge/Split operations
• Node redundancy


E-Mix Literature & Files