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Monday, 16 April 2018 10:55

Compulite introduces the expansion of the Vibe family at Prolight+Sound 2018



Earlier this month Compulite enjoyed a very busy Prolight+Sound expo in a new designed booth with hundreds of visitors. 

The team displayed some of its finest products and introduced the newest member of the Vibe family. The excitement was apparent among all the visitors.


Compulite has always been known for its high quality solutions and innovative, creative and out of the box thinking. Paying close attention to requests from clients around the world, Compulite invested great efforts in creating the new member of the Vibe family…

the new Vibe is the ultimate compact console! It is about 15 cm narrower, 7 cm shorter and 7 kg lighter, therefore it is easier to carry and maneuver.

Combining innovation and convenience with the latest operating system software and multi-touch screen technology, the new Vibe is a real breath of fresh air.  




Compulite also presented more familiar products users have come to know and love over the years such as Vector Ultra Violet with a Vector Playback Wing 20, as well as Vector PC Wing.

The Vector family keeps delivering outstanding performances and reliability, so it was only natural to present those dependable consoles at the exhibition as well.

Aviv Shukrun, Compulite's R&D Manager: "It has been a very successful tradeshow for us and we managed to achieve all the goals we set. As we all know, the Vector family is very substantial in the industry and we still keep improving and developing it."


Many of the visitors happy to experience all the products and stated that the products clearly represent Compulite's everlasting innovation and intuition.

They also said the company's pioneering qualities are always evident in its products and they seemed to be most intrigued by the new Vibe series and its clever features.


"The Vibe family," Aviv continues "which we introduced a few years ago as the first lighting console in the market without controllers, has finally evolved into one of the most powerful lighting consoles and we are looking forward to it

becoming the flagship of the Compulite brand. Lighting designers and operators who saw Vibe evolving over the years now understand that this is a product that matches their expectations and demands

and they are all eager to get their hands on it and start working."