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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 14:12

ePort-2 Firmware Update V102.2

New ePort-2 Firmware Update V102.2 is available for download.

This version includes a bug fix:
When C-Net Manager updates one ePort2 on the network then all other ePort2 on the network are doing a reset.

To update the ePort-2 version:
1. Download the new firmware file to your console/PC from here and extract it.
2. Open the C-Net manager page of the ePort-2.
3. Make sure that both ePort and console/PC are on the same IP and Subnet range.
4. Press the Software Update button on C-Net manager and navigate to the downloaded file on your desktop.
5. Click open and the process will begin.

If any help needed please contact support@compulite.com.

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