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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 07:44

The CompuDim2 family welcomes two new drawer types: the DRD and the RCBOs

Compulite is proud to announce the release of two new CompuDim2 drawer types: the DRD and the RCBOs.


The DRD drawer – “All In One”, a new drawer model that includes 3 operation modes; Dimmer, Relay and Direct. The setup for each operation mode is simply configured by the Rack Control Module and can be set per channel inside each drawer.

Different types of CompuDim2 drawers can be mixed and installed in the same Dimmer Cabinet, while the Rack Control Module automatically recognizes them and provides the necessary control.


The RCBOs protection – a new protection level for each dimmer channel, Dual Pole (2P) Residual Current circuit-breaker with Overcurrent. The new protection module provides the maximum main input and output protection, including current leakage detection for each dimmer channel. 






Both of the new drawers have all of the standard status feedback:

  • Load current per dimmer
  • Open load
  • Circuit breaker status (ON/OFF)
  • Module temperature
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over current protection
  • Gold plated power pins


As well as LED Indication:

No Load
Over Current



Available drawer model capacity: 2x2.5kW, 2x3kW, 2x5kW, 2x16A Relay, 2x25A Relay and 2xDRD.