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Sunday, 06 September 2020 06:29

New Vector Software Update V4.0R06

Compulite Systems are proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 4.0R06.


This version brings a new and updated feature:


  • This version supports the new panels of Vector Red and Blue.
  • This version supports the Windows 10 operating system.
  • This version includes improvements to the new Device Builder version 5.4.0.


Bug fixes:

    • Since version 4.0.R02, panels with motorized faders sometimes did not get back to their position on startup and showed the arrows of non-motorized faders on their live display (Reported by Stephen Plotkin).
    • RTInt was sometimes crashing on machines running Windows 10 if network name was "Vector Network".
    • RT IP was not set right if cable was unplugged on startup.
    • Vector IP could not be set through the Vector settings window on machines running Windows 10.



Device Builder bug fixes:

  • Typo fix – "Invert" was spelt "Invent" (Reported by Andy Dobbs).
  • Discrete field in parameter steps definition was not working right when importing a built device to the Vector software (Reported by Andy Dobbs).
  • It was not possible to switch between parameters in Wheel assignment view.
  • Deleting a device image did not ask the user for confirmation.
  • Problem importing a device from Desktop or a USB stick (Reported by Alessandro Soster).
  • Typo fix – "Dimmer Spd" was spelt "Dimmmer Spd".
  • Saving a device in another directory generated a message with the wrong path (Reported by Andy Dobbs).
  • Crash when changing a device name to the same name only with a change of a capital letter (Reported by Alessandro Soster).
  • It was possible to save a device with the same name like a device that is already exists.



Vector 4.0.R06 Setup

Vector PC 4.0.R06 Setup


Enjoy this release.

The Compulite Team