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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 07:26

Compulite products controlling at the IAG 2020

On the 1st of February 2020, at the end of the opening day of the judicial year, the Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano (the Lawyers’ Order of Milan, Italy) celebrated the IAG 2020, Cena di gala(The gala evening for the inauguration of the judicial year). The event celebrated at the Palaghiaccio di Milano (the ice palace in Milan, Italy).


(© Photo Credit: "Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano")

 The ceremony involved many guests and nice entertainment moments presented from the Stage. During the ceremony, there was a presentation for the best achievements of the year, music performances by an electro violinist and shows of live painting.


The lighting equipment professionally set up by the rental company “PlayGroup” of Milan and the lighting show was designed by Luca Fabiani.

Lighting operator and designer Lorenzo Pagella did the programming and 3D visualization.


To control the lighting equipment for this great event the lighting team used Compulite's Vector Orange, Compulite Vector PC (acting as Master/Slave) and ePort-8 node.

Lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "We choose Compulite Vector because we needed a compact and powerful lighting system, and the features of a tracking backup solution, that we got with Vector PC software and an ePort-8 node, configured to use Artnet protocol. The Vector PC free software was also really useful to preprogram the event, as we virtually created the location with 3D visualizers."


The Controlled material included a total of amount of 122 fixtures (94 moving lights).

The Controlled material:

Robe’s Pointe


LedWash 300,

ColorWash 250 and 575

SGM Q-7 diffusers

ETC halogen profiles

And over a hundred of narrow Pinspots focused on the tables.

All spread into an amount of 5 DMX universes.

The lighting fixtures where surrounding the whole area, hanged on stage trusses


Video from the event


                                                                                                                              (video by Milan Bar Association)