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Monday, 10 February 2020 11:50

Compulite Vector Orange celebrating Christmas greeting dinner 2019 in Italy

On the 20th of December, just before Christmas holidays Sacchi Elettroforniture- one of the main Italian companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, automation, lighting and safety were celebrating

the “Cena degli Auguri 2019” which is the Christmas greeting dinner in Italia.




The event took place in the big venue of Malpensa Fiere Pad, and has a large dinner involving more than a thousand of guests. (1200 but who's counting?)


During the ceremony, there have been some entertainment moments on the central stage,

like the CEO greetings, a cabaret show, a live band performance, some prizes giving, and even a lottery.


The lighting equipment professionally set up by the rental company “PlayGroup” of Milan and the lighting show was designed by Luca Fabiani.

Lighting operator and designer Lorenzo Pagella did the programming.


To control the lighting equipment for this special event the lighting team used Compulite's Vector Orange.




Lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "We decided to work with Compulite because it's a very trustable system with high flexibility of programming solutions. The vector pc free software makes it easy to pre-program the event before the setup, with the help of 3D visualizers. Through vector pc software and an ePort node you can easily add a safe backup system to your lighting desk without the need for a second desk."


The Controlled material included a total of amount of 128 fixtures (64 moving lights)

The Controlled material:

  • Robe’s Pointe
  • LedWash 600
  • Spiider
  • ClayPaky’s Alpha Beam70
  • DTS FOS100 bars
  • ETC halogen profiles

And over a hundred of narrow Pinspots focused on the tables.


The light plan, organized on Vector with fixture and group icons: