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Tuesday, 21 April 2020 10:46

Compulite Vectors for Vappu & Marja Live

"Once again, Vectors are with me! And I enjoy them! "


The good mood program Vappu and Marja Live on Finland's MTV3 channel is here!

In the entertaining and topical talk show, the guests of Finland's brightest female stars Vappu Pimiä and Marja Hintika will see the most talked about people of the week and the country's biggest stars.


Lighting Operator Tero Jokiniemi has been using Compulite products to control the television show's lighting system. He uses Vector Red as main and Vector Ultra Violet as a backup to control the moving lights and the set led strip lights.

The fixtures were controlled via ArtNet with e-Port 41 unit.

The rest of the lights were managed by another console.


The Controlled material included:

12 x Clay Paky axcon 300 spot.

20 x Arri L7c

3 x Arri skypanel 60

21 x Chauvet Pro EPIX Strip Tour

Set lights RGB LED strip

This came to a total of around 60 Fixtures controlled by Compulite Vectors

Lighting Designer: Mikko Enäkoski    |   Lighting Operator: Tero Jokiniemi


The Vappu and Marja Live show is on MTV3 on Thursdays at 9 p.m. (Finland)