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Thursday, 07 November 2019 07:45

Compulite Vibe tour in Japan and Spain

The Story of the Story is a co-production of Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Theater Artemis, directed by Jetse Batelaan. It’s a show about... well, what IS it about? Hats off to you if you can tell us what happens! This show is Weird with a capital W. And Strange with a capital S. But also Exciting with a capital E. 


Stan Bannier Stage manager: "after a tour through the Netherlands, we decided to tell the Story beyond the borders. We kicked-off our international adventures in Venice, where we opened the Biennale Teatro and Jetse Batelaan received the Silver Lion. Batelaan is the first-ever theatre maker for young audiences and Dutch national to receive the prestigious award. The Story continued its international journey to Japan (Aichi Triennale, Nagoya) and Barcelona (Fundació Teatre Lliure). Tom IJpelaar, lighting engineer, used the Vibe (from SEW) in Japan and the Vibe M (from EARpro) in Spain to control over 70 fixtures." 




Stan continues: "it’s unbelievable how Compulite-users all over the world get so much support from distributors and the factory. We’ve had a blast with the shows and on the Vibe console with the help of SEW in Japan and Earpro in Spain. At any time the Compulite team can remotely connect to the console and give an online support. I’ve updated the console to a new software version that just got released and have installed a new VC-tester on it, so I could see what my outputting per parameter was, it's amazing how easy it is and how nice, fast and understandable the workflow is on it!"



Aviv Shukrun (CTO): "the Compulite Vibe and Vibe M consoles are a totally fresh concept in the new lighting control. We developed a system to cater to the performances and complex needs of today’s lighting professionals. Beside of the system capabilities, we targeted the customers services support to be part of nowadays networking technology by being able to connect remotely to the Vibe console and give an immediate service online at any time and in any location around the globe. The Compulite Vibe consoles are suitable and serving many venues from Theaters, Television, Production Performances where simplicity, flexibility and programing time is essential."