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Thursday, 30 November 2017 12:40

Vector Red at the opera "Cossi Fan Tutte" in Haifa


"Cossi Fan Tutte", Mozart's scandalous opera debuted in Haifa, Israel in October.

The opera was performed by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra and organized by ETHOS – The Haifa Municipality Art, Culture and Sports Association Company. It was conducted by Ethan Schmeisser and directed by Shirit Lee Weiss.

Both professionals led a cast of extremely talented singers, including: Elinor Zon, Anat Cherny, Eitan Drori, Yair Polishok etc. 

"Cossi Fan Tutte" (Italian for "Thus Do They All) is an opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera revolves around the loyalty of women - tested by the characters as the story unfolds.

The engaging scenes and powerful music required a unique and dynamic lighting set with a high quality console. 

After careful consideration lighting designer Yehiel Orgal finally decided to use Compulite's Vector Red to control 50 moving lights and 50 conventional lights.

Vector Red is the firstborn console in the Vector family; it provides the ultimate power to deal with any lighting program challenges, easy and fast. 




Programming: Ronen Ben-Harosh

Lighting fixtures provided by Kilim Electronics Ltd.

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