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For the 3rd time in a row - Compulite Vectors are the best control solution for “Ninja Israel 2020”

Does reality surpasses all imagination? When it comes to a reality show, this is probably true, and "Ninja Israel", which is the Israeli version of the Ninja Warior, proves that it is possible to perform inspite of the Coronavirus.

The most difficult challenge of all has returned to the Channel 12 screen and the old and well-known ninjas are expecting a brutal battle against new and robust competitors who will try to overcome them.

This year the production upgraded the track so that contestants will expect to face new challenges. As is well known, the competitors in "Ninja Israel" are trying to complete an obstacle course with increasing difficulty against the clock and in several allotments.

Every contestant who has completed the entire obstacle course in the final stage is entitled to try to pass the obstacle mountain barrier “Mt. Midoriyama”, which is managed by individual passers-by all over the world. Participants in previous seasons such as Yuval Shamla, Gil Marantz Yiftach Kushnir, Alex Hazanov and Matan Bello have become superstars, especially among children who want to be like them.

The challenging set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Red and two Vector Ultra Violet consoles. 

The Vector Red controlled the moving lights while one Vector Ultra Violet controlled the white light. The consoles were not synchronized together, with each working on its own. There were a total of 23 DMX outputs via Vector Red and 2 DMX outputs via Vector Ultra Violet. The second Vector Ultra Violet was used as a backup for the other Vectors.   


The lighting team chose the freelance lighting operator and 3D WYSIWYG programmer Ronen Ben-Harosh as the leader for this production. Ben-Harosh was chosen for his great experience and proffesionality with Compulite Vector. The Vector Red was programmed and operated by Ronen Ben-Harosh and the Vector Ultra Violet was operated by Roni Shamai (programmed by Ronen) with the unique and impressive lighting design by lighting designer Ofer Yaakobi who conducted this entire concert.

Lighting programmer Ronen Ben-Harosh stated: "It was an incredibly tough and challenging job because unlike the previous season where the filming was in earlier months, in this season we worked at the middle of the hot summer.

There were many challenges because the whole set was different - in an arrow shape - something that was challenging both in terms of TV lights and moving lights to cover the entire area properly. In addition, every shooting day brought new challenges we had to solve immediately, so a lot of resourcefulness and patience was needed. The biggest challenge was keeping the social distance between the people even though we worked in the open air..."

The Controlled Fixtures included:

  • Vector Red controlled:
    • 400 Moving lighs
    • 230 Other Fixtures like LED lights for the trusses, LED bars etc.
    • 400 Channels


  • Vector Ultra Violet Controlled: 
    • 80 LED profiles
    • 200 LED washes
    • 50 Softled panels


Photo Credits: “Danor Theatre and Studio Systems”