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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 12:06

Vector Red lights up the Latvian stage at the national Grand Music Award ceremony


The Grand Music Award (GMA) is the highest form of state recognition in the field of music in Latvia.

Every year the Ministry of Culture celebrates outstanding musical achievements with a special prize given to selected artists at the Grand Music Award ceremony.

The annual ceremony always takes place at the Latvian National Opera House and is broadcasted by Latvian Radio 3 Klasika and by Latvian National Television.


Lighting Operator Māris Sējāns has been using Compulite products for the important event for years, originally working with the Ovation. Nowadays, he uses Vector Red as the main lighting console and Vector Green as a backup and travelling console.

"Vector Red is very intuitive and predictable", says Māris "we didn't have any training so I had to learn it mostly myself. When I needed to use certain features for which I had no written instructions, the first way I tried usually worked."


Vector Red was used to control the entire 2018 Grand Music Award lighting set consisting of: Clay paky Scenius spots x4, Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700 x16, Clay Paky B-eye K-20 x8, Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500 x2, Dortron LED wash x30,

Elation SixBar 1000 x20 as well as some conventional lights.


Māris: "At the end of the day anything we need in order to operate a lighting set properly can be done one way or another, using the Vector family".



Set Designer - Didzis Jaunzems

Lighting designer - Mārtiņš Feldmanis

Lighting Operator - Māris Sējāns

Video - Roberts Rubīns.

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