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Sunday, 29 October 2017 08:48

You can't stop the beat: Hairspray the Musical lights up the stage in Israel


A few years ago producer Maor Maimon decided he wanted to bring a fun, fresh new treat to Israel and as a result, Hairspray the Musical premiered in the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center in summer 2017,

performed in Hebrew by a very talented cast.


Over the years the Tony award winning Broadway sensation has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its memorable tunes and charming lyrics. The musical is set in the 1960s and features countless colorful scenes.

This served as a challenging task for Lighting Designer Keren Granek, who wanted to illuminate the stage in the most exciting way possible.  

With over 120 lighting fixtures provided by Kilim Electronics Ltd., including 50 conventional lights, 75 moving lights as well as LED fixtures, Keren Granek developed a special and dynamic lighting set, operated by Elad Ratzon.


The challenging set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Red console. "It was great working with Vector Red" says programmer Ronen Ben-Harosh, "It is a luxury to have a large console with 3 touchscreen monitors,

20 direct motorized Playbacks and 20 Q-Keys Playbacks, along with other great features like; a quick soft patch, an easy effects engine and so much more."



The whole rig of fixtures and other devices were controlled via Ethernet, using Compulite's e-Port 41 converters. Ben-Harosh: "Working with e-ports is a big advantage, it allows you to easily setup and make changes in data control,

especially when using the C-Net manager application. Lighting operator Elad Ratzon prepared the patching, installed the e-Ports, including the DMX Splitters, from the stage to the Ethernet network Hub and from the Hub to the console,

using one cable only. For real time Back-up, we used a Laptop with Compulite's Vector PC software, connected to the same Ethernet network Hub, running the great Master/Slave function."

"As for the data protocol," Ben-Harosh continues, "we used Compulite's VC protocol. It is the preferred protocol when using Compulite products, making the whole Ethernet network operate in perfect harmony.

Compulite's VC protocol is very light and reliable compared to other data protocols."


Hairspray is a heartwarming, bubbly, sweet and inspiring show, sure to provide a night of fun for audiences of all ages, anywhere on the globe. The Israeli audience is certainly no exception.