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Thursday, 31 August 2017 08:01

MasterChef Finland's deliciously exciting new season


MasterChef Finland is a Finnish competitive cooking reality show with amateur cooks as contestants. The competition is judged by three culinary experts who put the contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds.

The MasterChef format has been produced in over 50 countries across the globe and has gained great popularity. In the United States, for example, the program is running its 8th season and has already reached more than 45 million viewers.



MasterChef Finland aired in 2011 and was put on hiatus in 2014, however the show is finally returning with a new season, this time with the Junior MasterChef version in which children compete against each other.

The contestants will be judged by Sara La Fountain, Tomi Björck and Henri Alén.


Junior MasterChef Finland will air on channel Nelonen in September. 

Aikuisten MasterChef, the version with adult contestants, will air next Spring.

The lighting crew for MasterChef decided to use Vector Blue and Vector Green to control:  

Lights:etc source four jr 76pic.
Par 64 42 pic.
F 650w 22 pic.
F 1 kw 5 pic.
Floor 150w 5 pic.
Led stripes 60m. (RGB)


Lighting Designer: Jussi Kallioinen

Lighting Operators: Tero Jokiniemi, Nadja Räikkä.


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