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Sunday, 29 July 2018 06:47

Audiences cheer for the Italian Championship Series A Final as Vector Blue controls lighting


Gymnastics is a beautiful sport that requires strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. The exciting sport has captivated the hearts of audiences worldwide ever since it was developed in ancient Greece.

Gymnasts train for many years to become as precise and professional as possible, so they may participate and attempt to win major competitions.

The Palavela di Torino is a historic site in Turin, Italy, renovated for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games with over 8,000 seats. It is home to the most important international events related to sports, including the 2018 Series A final of artistic gymnastics.

Esteemed Lighting Designer and Operator Alessandro Soster operated the lighting park at Palavela, used for the award for best athlete and for the performance of the of the "Sonics"; an award winning group of aerial acrobats from Piedmont. 




For this special event, in order to emphasize the exciting aerial acts, Soster used two of Compulite's Vector Blue consoles, one as the main console and one as the backup console. 

Vector Blue was used to control 20 Coemar iWash Flex as well as 36 Coemar iSpot Flex, DWE and Par 64.


“Vector helps me get what I want quickly!", says Soster "It is versatile and fits any type of event"


Special thanks to Photographer Tonello Abozzi and Sonic's Graphic Designer Francesca Torta.

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