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Sunday, 09 April 2017 05:47

Compulite products at the Stuttgart Spring Festival


SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik is a German based company which specializes in sound, light and media technology.

Over the past 8 years, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik has been providing technical support for the famous Festwirt Göckelesmaier at the popular Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, aka the Stuttgart Spring Festival.

The event is attended by about 5000 visitors every day.


This year, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik decided to use the following Compulite products for the event:

1x Compulite Vector red (FOH)

1x Compulite Vector blue (FOH-Backup)

1x Compulite Vector on PC (Slave in technic room)

1x Compulite ePort41

Vector iControl App


And these Fixtures:

16x Robe Spikie

6x Clay Paky Alpha Wash 575

10x JB Lighting P3

22x JB Lighting Sparx7

12x Soundline LED Wash Movinghead

4x 4-Lite blinder

1x Unique Hazer

2x Arkaos Mediamaster Pro (fully controlled by Vector)

130x Ledium C3 LED-wall panels


The show will also contain:

5 DMX universes and 6 Art-Net universes


The "Frühlingsfest“ will begin Saturday, April 15th and end Sunday, May 7th. 


In addition, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik will be operating a band tour production by the name of "Alpenmafia“. The tour includes about 30 gigs per year and is operated using Compulite's Vector orange, controlling 32 fixtures and 1 Arkoas Media Master Pro.

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