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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 07:51

The Crow Only Knows Where The Children Go


"Somewhere, when you grow up, you become an adult. You shake off your youth and leave it behind like a snake's skin, and once you leave you'll never get there again. 

But what happens to your childhood? Where does all that youth go? Only the crows know."



The Crow Only Knows Where The Children Go is a new horror musical by Alexandra Broeder, presented by the Theaterfestival Boulevard  in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. 

The performance takes place in a secret location and only those who buy tickets receive the address.


The enchanting show is performed by a cast of 16 children but is intended for adult audiences only.  It explores the relationship between childhood and adulthood. 

The show follows the childish souls of those who are now grown. They gather in a mystical place called Kinderberg, there the young souls live forever, taking all sorts of shapes; cowboys, clowns, fairies, Indians and crows. 

In the dark forest full of bare trees, they play games, sing songs and share their memories.


The lighting for this unique show had to be eerie, in order to give the audience a hair-raising experience. To achieve this complex effect, the lighting crew decided to use Vector Orange to control their many fixtures and beams.      


Lighting design : Theun Mosk

Theater group: Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Special thanks to Stan Bannier