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Theater Hof 88 Netherlands Invests in Vibe


Photo Credit: "Theater Hof 88"

Before it became a theater the building functioned as an old hospital and has 2 halls where the lighting programmer uses the Vibe. The theater is the main one with 166 seats and the second hall is an old chapel with 180 seats which used to be rented out to a local school for theatre technicians and stage technicians.

The theatre’s output is prolific. An average year (of which 2020 was NOT!), sees every season at more than 120 performances, including cabaret, theater, dance, music, and musicals, as well as performances and concerts by amateur art companies and art education performances for primary education.

There are 66 Dimmers for the Conventional Lighting, 16 GLG Ledpar’s for backlighting and 6 GLG Led Bars for the horizon.


The equipment that has been used at the Main hall include:

  • Dimmers 5x MA Lighting 12x 2,3kW Dimmer
  • 1x zero 88 betapack 3 (vloer dimmer)
  • (66 Dimmers)
  • Zaalbrug 10x 1KW PC
  • 4 x 2KW PC
  • 6 x 1KW Profiel
  • 4x 575W Profiel
  • Toneelgrid 6x 1KW PC
  • 20 x 500 W PC
  • 8 x 1KW Profiel
  • 4x 575W Profiel
  • 20 x PAR64 Medium
  • 6x GLG Creator DLX Bar RGBWAuV
  • 8x GLG Creator DLX RGBWAuV
  • 4x GLG Creator 1 RGBWA


The equipment that has been used at the Chapel (school) include:

  • 6x Martin Quantum profiles
  • 4x PR lighting Moving washes
  • 8x Expolite Led Par’s

And some PC's for front and side lights.

The Vibe is the main console in the theater and there is a Compulite Spark as a backup. 

Hof 88 Theater Lighting and Sound Technician Killian Katgert said: " The Compulite Vibe Feels like it has the easiness of an old console like the Compulite Spark but with the advanced tools most consoles have now."



Photo Credits: Killian Katgert