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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 13:08

X-factor Israel



The “X-Factor” reality show is a multinational singing competition originated and created by
Simon Cowel in the UK. Since then, many countries have adapted the format and began airing
their own national version, including Israel.

For the first time and for the first season, "X factor Israel" took place at the primetime of the
Israeli Channel 2 TV network. The opening season show has made a record of 40% rating!
the highest rating ever made for a music show.

The whole season has been accompanied by the famous lighting designer Dakar Azulay and
the lighting operator Yaron Shush, relied on the Vector Red’s & Vector Ultra Violet consoles.

The final show on January 14th was one of the biggest events in the Israeli TV. Therefore a
high standard of performances was expected in all aspects, especially in lighting. The two
Vector Reds, one Vector Ultra Violet and one Vector PC Wing as a remote control, created the
grandiose live singing competition TV show.

Dakar's comment: “I am working with Vector consoles for many years, it’s the ultimate lighting
console for me. Choosing to work with two Vector Reds as Master-Slave fully synchronizes
gaveme the full confidence during programing, rehearsing and mostly during the final live
show. In addition I used a Vector PC Wing to control my backlights. I really enjoy working with Vector
consoles in my shows and very happy with the results.”

The lighting & sound equipment delivered by Sincopa. Danor is the exclusive distributor
of Compulite Systems in Israel.



lighting designer: Dakar Azulay

lighting operator: Yaron Shush

distributor: Danor