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Monday, 27 February 2017 09:28

Chinese Xishi Grand Theater chooses Compulite

Zhiji Xishi Grand Theater is a new theater located in Zhejiang, China, covering an area of 37000 ㎡ with a unique 4 floors design. 

The project is managed by Zhejiang Dafeng Group with the assistance of Compulite's official distributor in China Guangzhou Coemar Ligthing Equipment Co., Ltd.

The theater is fully-equipped and multifunctional. It contains an auditorium, dressing room, VIP room, recording studio, rehearsal hall, cinema, and coffee shop. 

The stage design was inspired by the Chinese character ”品”. It is equipped with extended stages on both sides, to ensure the stage is large enough to satisfy different styles of performances.

The auditorium contains 2 floors and 1200 seats. 


Zhejiang Dafeng Group understood the need for stability in power supply as well as a reliable, state of the art control system. 

After careful consideration, they selected the following Compulite products:


2pcs of Vector Red

71pcs of ePort 2

2pcs of ePort 41

8pcs of CompuDim 96

1pcs of CompuDim 72

1 set of lighting system

9pcs of CompuDim Drawer blank

18pcs of Rack control module

We are happy to report that the Xishi Grand Theater is already operating and is expected to present many great shows in the next few months.