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Spark is a compact lighting console suitable for television studios, theaters, discotheques, and small venues. Spark controls up to 240 channels, 48 color scrollers, and 512 dimmers on industry standard DMX. 512 channels are reserved for DMX controlled moving lights Direct high End protocol is also supported.

Soft Keys associated with the 20 controllers provide one press access to memories, groups of channels and/or spots, macros, snaps, and chasers. A convenient alphanumeric display keeps you up to date with the current Soft Key function displayed. Multi-colored LEDs give at-a-glance controller status information. Run up to 10 chasers (with conventional channels and moving lights) simultaneously. Easy to read displays on the color VGA monitor provide full information for controller assignments, chaser mode and chase rates, and much more.

Edit moving devices with the 3 parameter wheels organized into wheel banks. The trackball for pan and tilt is sensitivity adjustable.



• Ovation4D supports up to 2048 channels, using 4 DMX512 connectors.

• 2 dipless automatic split crossfaders with illuminated Go buttons, LED displays for current and incoming memories, and dedicated control keys for various functions.

• effects may be stored in the system memory.

• Fan for quick fixture alignment in various fan patterns.

• Up to 99 Snaps provide snapshooting capabilities of all playback devices, including assignments and running state.

• 999 Powerful Macros can be created to simulate any key sequence and triggered via soft-keys, memories, MIDI, SMPTE, DMX-in channels and more.

• Events for complex playback operations can be operated manually or programmed to be triggered by memories or SMPTE time-code.

• Text may be added to any user data from libraries to show files via the optional Multi-lingual Text Keyboard.

• Look-Ahead function moves spot parameters and scroller value to their next programmed location automatically before the fixture dimmer is turned on. Manual fade patterns may be learned and played back via the automatic Crossfader.

• Chasers may be manually taught beat pulses and played back by assigned beat or by assigned rate.

• Scheduler for scheduling one time or repeating macros, events and snaps executions according to dates, weekdays and hours or according to intervals.

• Moving-Light Types (Devices) can be selected from an extensive library installed on the system's hard-drive.

• Devices may be fully edited, from names to wheel-bank assignments including parameters behavior, default values (Home) and more.

• Multi-layer patching enables user to distribute the logical channel configuration from 1 - 2048.

• 2 display screens (and an optional 3rd display) feature various live data, exam displays of all data, and much more.

• The integral hard drive automatically saves all data every few minutes using the Autosave function.

• An integral floppy disk is also provided and archiving data via Ethernet to a remote file server on a PC is a synch using Compulite File-Server software.

• 99 Autochases.

• Internal SMPTE clock for triggering Memories, Events and Macros.

• Full CAD support for CompuCAD and Wysiwyg including 3D simulation of the stage and spots parameters manipulation in real-time for both software.

• MIDI - standard IN/OUT/THRU, MIDI Show control (MSC) and MIDI over Ethernet - all for interfacing and syncing with other MIDI controlled devices, Master/Slave operation of two consoles.

• Print directly to any parallel printer.

• Prints memory sheet, memory contents, Libraries, Macros, and more.

• Ethernet communication featuring full Remote Control of the console, DMX Distribution, Displays Distribution and Remote File Server.

• Support for LCD monitors.

• 2 dimmable desklights.

• Full Tracking Backup support system via Ethernet to ensure failsafe operation under any circumstance.


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