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The Compulite Animator offers designers and operators quick and easy access to
the many controllable parameters of automated luminaries, conventional dimmers, and
color scrollers. In addition to 96 moving lights, Animator Plus can also run up to 512
conventional dimmers, color scrollers, or any other devices controlled by DMX 512.
Animator Plus includes many user friendly functions that allow you to customize the
system to suit your needs.
Up to 300 libraries for position, color, and gobo assignments can be programmed.
These libraries can be recorded and edited at any time, allowing global corrections or
modifications made to all stored information which used the libraries as a data base.
Animator Plus allows you to modify spot control, so the mirror movement responds
logically to the trackball movements regardless of the spot's physical orientation.
The console features 999 macros of up to 40 console keystrokes each. The macros
can be operated manually, embedded in Auto Assignments and Events, and remotely
triggered via an optional MIDI port.

Playback devices include:
Eight playback controllers allowing instant, live access to memories, groups of spots
and channels, and chasers. 14 chasers can run simultaneously; in addition to the 8
chasers on controllers, there are 2 dedicated chasers with step mode playback and
beat time learning and 4 more chasers. All chasers can be assigned to run in hard
chase or soft chase mode.
Crossfaders playback memories in numerical sequence and support Part Qs and
memory loops.



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