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Dlite Compact

A lightweight and compact console with robust programming and playback operation.
Designed for the widest variety of lighting applications, from theatre opera and TV studios to clubs and rock concerts, Dlite provides optimal, affordable, reliable programming and playback flexibility.
  • 4 DMX512 universes: 2 internal; 2 via Ethernet
  • 1 DMX512 input port
  • Ethernet, SMPTE, MIDI, AUDIO and DMX input
  • 1 built-in touch screen and optional external monitor
  • Internal flash disk
  • 20 dual-mode faders/playbacks with flash keys for scenes, chases and Qlists
  • 1 crossfader for QList playback
  • Effects editor with pre-programmed, editable effects
  • Automatic groups
  • Automatic libraries  
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports for saving & loading shows and device files.


Dlite Latest Files