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Rave is a new lighting control console designed for LJs, DJs, trade shows and other live applications. Rave brings to these users technologies that were available up to now only in far advanced, and far expensive consoles. Rave may control up to 100 channels, 40 moving lights and 20 Extras (DMX controlled devices) thru one, integral DMX512 standard output.
Enhanced Playback operation and fixtures manipulation features makes Rave into a leading tool in its market - from Clubs and Discotheque to live venues - whenever enhanced live operation is needed, Rave is the answer.
Rave includes intuitive moving-lights, channels, and extras patching wizard and menus to provide fast and easy setup of the system The three bands integral equalizer enables perfect sound-to-light synchronization.
Rave includes a powerful yet easy to use Effects Editor with bundled generic effects package, for creating various movement effects on any fixture's parameter in seconds.
Syncing the Rave with other devices is a breeze thanks to varied protocols support such as MIDI, SMPTE and DMX-in.
The Ethernet support of the Rave allows users to distribute the DMX512 output, as well as connect to simulation software such as CompuCAD and WYSIWYG. This can be achieved using Compulite's E-Mix converter.
Above all - Rave is cost effective providing a hi-end console in a compact sized, affordable desk.



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