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Fixture Accessories

When it comes to fixtures accessories, it’s not only an “Add-on” unit, it’s much more. Functionality, accuracy, simplicity, flexibility, reliability and varied products, offer the perfect solution for the Lighting Designers and the stage technicians during their daily work. Compulite shattered the glass ceiling by developing new technologies in its fixture accessories products. The Whisper, the first product in the industry to use two motors direct drive concept. The Corona, with the unmatched shutter mechanism system that creates the illusion of smoothness in conventional dimming. The Yoke, hanging almost any fixture from different brands, is challenging the unique worm-gear-motors system to achieve not only the Pan / Tilt rotation, but mostly the speed and maximum silence on stage during operation. The wide range selection of more than 20 products in addition to the capabilities of customization, of the company’s ability to provide a solution to any requirement.

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