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Tuesday, 03 December 2019 12:39

New Vector Software Update V4.0R04


Compulite systems is proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 4.0R04.

This version brings a new and updated feature:

Vector Black and Ultra Black Support

This version supports the new Vector Black and Vector Ultra Black.

Vector PC Outputs

The number of outputs for Vector PC has changed in case PC Wing is connected.

New Device Builder

There is a new Device Builder that is supported in this Vector version.

Option To Change Status Bar Size

Status Bar size can be changed between 3 sizes now.

Ethernet Ascii Messages

Vector now supports receiving of Ascii messages via Ethernet.

Bug Fixes

  • Softkey views are not maintaining the last scrolled position when loading the layout or restarting the console.

  • Color picker default saturation value for fixtures with no dimmer was 0 and it shouldn't.

  • @+ and @- are not working as they should.

  • Selecting range of [Dim] using +/- is not working.

  • Sequence is invalid when using + to select Cues/Qlists.

  • After pressing +/- dimmer values are released from the editor for selected fixtures.

  • Eport 8 is only opening 4 ports instead of 8.

  • When connecting a Wing with faders it applies the fader values to the console instead of matching the console's position.

  • When a second PB Wing 20 is connecting to the console, the pages are not synced.

  • Stability improvements on Master-Slave and Master-Node connections.

  • Sync improvements on Master-Slave and Master-Node.

Enjoy this release.

The Compulite Team