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Vector Violet

The Vector Ultra Violet and the Vector Violet has been developed with the spirit of the famous Spark family. The end-users and the market desire who wanted to see a continuation of the Vector family, without reducing power and user experience. The challenges were enormous and by using new hardware/software technologies, the goal was scored.    

See more info in the Data Sheet.


Download Vector Quick Start Guide Here.


32 DMX-512 Universes

4 integrated DMX-512 output ports

1 Integrated DMX-512 input ports

Dedicated A/B playback faders

20 playback faders (5 pages)

20 playback Q-keys (5 pages)

Dedicated Pan / Tilt Illuminated 38mm Trackball

5 parameters wheels encoders with toggle switch

Dedicated dimmer wheel with toggle switch

1 integrated 7” LCD touchscreen

2 additional external video outputs

2 Ethernet 1G ports

MIDI / MSC port

SMPTE Timecode port

Audio In / Out / Mic

6 USB 2.0 ports

1 external E-SATA port

1 Desk-Light port

Server Dom-16GGB

9999 Groups

9999 Presets

9999 Macros

9999 Snaps (pages)

9999 Cue Lists


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