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Vibe PC

The Vibe PC software is a standalone workstation for:
training, Offline editing, and can also be used as a full standalone workstation. Adding accessories like the Wings and ePorts makes it a real lighting console 

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 at least.
  • 8GB of disk space (preferably SSD).
  • 8GB of RAM.
  • OpenGL version 4.3.
  • Recommended – external graphic card.
  • Recommended – strong CPU.


  • A Stand-alone PC instance will have free 64 universes of VC, 1 Artnet and 1 sACN.
  • A Stand-alone PC instance will have random 10 second blackouts.
  • Expansion options:
    • Any ePort will open additional Artnet and sACN universes (ePort2 will open 2, ePort8 will open 8 etc.)
    • A PC Wing (also Vector PC Wings) will open 16 universes.
    • The only way to remove the random blackouts, at the moment, is by connecting to a PC Wing.
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