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CompuRack, the fixed installation cabinet, is designed to provide a cost effective, non-plug-in solution for venues and architectural installations.  
Its low profile depth and highly designed look make it perfect for wall mount installations while its convection cooling system assures quiet operation. Possessing virtually all CompuDim capabilities, CompuRack completes the dimming network.

For more info please see the Data Sheet


  • Power input; STAR, STAR+NEUTRAL or DELTA
  • Up to 24 circuits’ type; SP, SPN, DP, DPN, RCD, RCBO per circuit
  • Available configuration; 12 and 24
  • Combination of different modules
  • Dimmer, Relay & Direct
  • Graphic LCD Display with adjustable back-light
  • Menus with direct access keys
  • Keypad - Soft Keys for programming
  • Up to 99 backup looks with fade times
  • Built in sequencer for Stand-alone operation
  • Data control; 1 or 2 DMX-512 & Ethernet
  • LED indication for DMX-512, Ethernet and cabinet power
  • 3 Phases LED indications
  • 3 Colors LED indication per circuit for status; No-Load, Level &Temp
  • Status report to C-Net Manager software
  • Software upgrade via Ethernet