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Designed for wide aperture 2kW fixtures. The Whisper 12's quiet operation is suitable for use in low-noise environments. Lightweight, durable construction ensures trouble free operation. The internal microprocessor controls the velocity, guaranteeing accurate gel placement even during rapid scrolling.The fan control is especially useful where the noise factor is of vital importance. Fan operation is accessed via DMX channels and controlled by the lighting console.Operational modes are set by 8 DIP switches on the colour changer unit. When teamed with Compulite control consoles, unique scroller patching, special dark gel and frame setup functions are available in the Scroller Patch menu.

The Compulite Whisper 12 color changer is compatible with all control consoles that output DMX512 lighting control data.
Spot type: 2Kw Wide

  • Spot type: 2kw Wide
  • Height: 53.2cm (20.9")
  • Width: 45.7cm (18")
  • Depth: 10cm (3.9")
  • Front aperture: Ø31cm (12.2")
  • Weight: 4.5kg (10.1lb)
  • End to end speed: 5 sec
  • connectors: 4 Pin XLR Daisy Chain
  • Power supply: 48V DC (24V optional)
  • Current consumption: 1A
  • Max number of frames: 16

Frame dimensions:

  • Leader frame: 66 cm (26")
  • Active: 44cm (17.3")
  • Width: 35.8cm (14.1")
  • Daisy Chain: 4-6 Units / PSU


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