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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 07:10

New Vector Software Update V4.0R05

New Vector Software Update V4.0R05


Compulite Systems are proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 4.0R05.

This version brings a new and updated feature:

Vector Black PC Wing Support

This version supports the new Vector Black PC Wing panel.

Bug Fixes

  • +/- Sequences made echo line show wrong information than it used to show in the past.
  • Some Vector Consoles loaded slowly on startup since version 4.0.R04 installation.
  • Vector Black network did not work correctly if the cable was not plugged in while powering on the console.
  • RTInt was sometimes crashing on Vector Black and on PC running windows 7 and up if network name was "Vector Network".
  • Vector IP could not be set through the Vector settings window on Vector Black and on PC running windows 7.

Device builder bug fixes:

  • Switch between parameters in wheel assignment was not working with drag & drop.
  • Devices having more than 2 parameters on the same offset did not load correctly.
  • The last location of the library was not saved, and the application always loaded the default folder.
  • Change directory window did not open by default on the current directory location.
  • Added OK and Apply buttons t-the Parameter window popup.
  • Added OK and Cancel t-the Control window popup.
  • Windows position and sizes were not saved when re-opening the application.
  • The parameter window did not update when changed parameter type.
  • Application fonts, texts and colors were not unified and showed differently on different operating systems.
  • Change device image did not ask the user t-save changes.
  • Delete device image did not ask to t-confirm the operation.
  • If current working directory was deleted manually, the application did not start correctly.


Vector 4.0.R05 Setup

Vector PC 4.0.R05 Setup


Enjoy this release.

The Compulite Team