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Sunday, 25 September 2016 13:07

Open Day in Romania – "Lift up the light"

The COMPULITE SYSTEMS official distributor in Romania is SC ENERGOLUX SRL.

SC ENERGOLUX SRL offers lighting control systems for Theatres and Television Studios, including installation and system integration. The company also offers server controlled A/V, Display Projection, Sound and different kind of stage solutions (automated / manual lifting and accessories). SC ENERGOLUX SRL as a system integrator proud in developing and leading projects where the bridge between indoor and stage lighting solutions is needed and succeeded in combining them in a proper manners (shopping Malls, DMX & DALI controls). SC ENERGOLUX SRL is a key player in the Romanian market for 20 years and proud to be the exclusive representative of COMPULITE SYSTEMS for 15 years.

 On September 07, 2016, SC ENERGOLUX SRL together with COMPULITE SYSTEMS accommodated an open day called "Lift up the light". The open day took place at the Studio Venue of the Hungarian State Theatre, located in the city of Cluj-Napoca. SC ENERGOLUX SRL invited many Theatre Technicians, Lighting Designers and Stage Engineers from all over the country and the responsiveness was impressing. The Highlight for the open day was introducing the brand-new VIBE lighting console to the Romanian market. It was also to strengthen the trust of SC ENERGOLUX SRL partners that COMPULITE SYSTEMS will continue to do and listening to the market feedbacks and needs.

COMPULITE SYSTEMS representative on this event was Mr. Aviv Shukrun the Head of R&D, who comment: "This was well-organized event, having all the right people who are using Compulite products on their daily work and were very interesting in the company next generation developments. It has been my pleasure to support SC ENERGOLUX SRL, meeting and sharing with the end users their great ideas for the future and giving the presentation on our New VIBE lighting console. I would like to thank SC ENERGOLUX SRL for the organization and for keeping such a good relationships with their and our customers".


The event ended with a successful interactive Hands-On session, where the guests had the opportunity to play a bit with the console and see their ideas come true. In addition, the event been focused on presenting a new trends of stage lifting technologies. At the end of the second day, there was a short presentation of some new regulations which are related to the activity of the technical people in Artist venues and Theatres.