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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 10:39

Compulite Vectors light up the one of the funniest Italian television show on prime time


La sai l'ultima is an Italian television program dedicated to jokers from all over Italy and broadcast for several prime time editions on Canale 5 the main television channel in Italy broadcast  by Mediaset group (the largest commercial broadcaster in the country.)

The program is based on a competition between jokes that during each episode, the competitors challenge each other by offering jokes. In each episode, three teams led by three Italian comedians, compete with jokes to elect the best joker in Italy.

The audience in the room elects the winner through the applause mechanism (specially measured through the "Applausometer" mechanism).

The set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Red and Vector Ultra Violet consoles and controlled via e-Port 41 for the Ethernet Network.

The light control split in two: white lights and effect lights.
The effect lights were managed by a different console with another operator, while the rest of the lights were managed by one Vector Red.
As a backup, they used one Vector Ultra Violet that also served for the management of the headlights of the second TV set.
Fixtures were controlled via ArtNet with 2 e-Port 41 units.


The Controlled material included a total of 40 moving lights and 40 led profiles.

1st TV set:

High End - SolaFrame 2000

Clay Paky - Scenius Profile


ETC - Source4 LED

2nd TV set:

16 x DL4S 

2 x led profiles and 

8 x D

TS Flash 4000


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster : "The Compulite system was chosen and made available by the AMG Service, which is among the BIG Italian rental companies. I have been working with Compulite for many years and Vector is widely used in television studios."


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster did the programming, and then Fabio D'Angelo continued.
Marco Sirignano was the excellent DOP and responsible for the lighting project.

The show filmed at the Le Robinie studio’s in Cologno Monzese (Milan)