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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 09:04

China's Shijiazhuang Grand Theater uses Vectors to dazzle the crowds


The Shijiazhuang Grand Theater, built by Shijiazhuang's Municipal Government, is the newest cultural landmark of the Hebei Province in China. After 4 years of construction, the theater has finally been completed and is currently open to the public.

The new theater holds performances every week, drawing in crowds from all over.

The Shijiazhuang Grand Theater is the largest, most advanced and high quality theater Hebei has ever seen, thanks to the fact that it received the biggest investment ever invested by the Hebei government.



As the most innovative and sophisticated performing arts establishment in Hebei, the Shijiazhuang Grand Theater naturally owns the best lighting equipment available and the most dependable lighting consoles to control it. 

During the selection of consoles the lighting team chose Compulite's renowned Vector Family of course, including one Vector Red console and one Vector Blue console. 

Vector Red was the firstborn console in the Vector family, it provides the ultimate power to deal with any lighting program challenge, easy and fast. Vector Blue, inheriting its look and hardware from Vector Red, does not fall short as far as power and capabilities.